22-Minute Video of 4-Day Moby Arts Fest

Before the four-day Moby Fest began, I commissioned Numediacy to make a video that they could upload to the web so I could post it to this blog.  They aimed for about 22 minutes because that would be a good length for submission to a PBS station or a film festival. It is wonderful to see two former students create such an artful film from such a wide range of materials.  I envy their talent of artful compresssion.

Jay Gray was a student in my ENG 291 composition course, Exploring the Arts, about five years ago.  His artistic partner, Caitlin Sparks, took my class in Moby-Dick and the Arts during the 2011 Spring Semester.  Together, they had the perfect combination of skills and experience for delivering what they saw and heard in all three venues with ease and acuity. Their film was posted on the home page of the Melville Society website the day I sent it for consideration and immediately received high praise from Melville scholars throughout the country..

Moby Exploration from Numediacy on Vimeo.



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