teacher with collection 1Robert K. Wallace is Regents Professor of English at Northern Kentucky University, where he has taught since 1972.   A native of Puget Sound, he is a graduate of Whitman College with a doctorate from Columbia University. This blog is a sequel to his first, Sailing on the Whale Ship Charles W. Morgan in June 2014. This blog addresses his ongoing work as a teacher, scholar, and curator of materials relating to Moby-Dick and Emily Dickinson.  In the accompanying photo he is surrounded by art works that students have created as final projects in his classes.


emma with moby arts box modelEmma Rose Thompson is a BFA Art History major at NKU.  She is Professor Wallace’s co-curator in two exhibitions during the 2015 Spring Semester, one featuring classroom art in response to Dickinson (February), the other featuring classroom art in response to Moby-Dick (April).  Emma Rose is also co-editor and designer of the full-color catalogs that accompany each exhibition.  Her work on these projects will serve as her Capstone project in the Honors Program and her Senior Show as a BFA in Art History. In the accompany photo, she is presenting the scale model for a hypothetical exhibition as her final project in Moby-Dick and the Arts during the 2013 Spring Semester.

We hope that the running account of the planning and execution of these multi-faceted, multi-disciplinary events will be of interest to a variety of readers. We are eager to see how some of our plans work out, and we have already learned to embrace the unexpected.


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